Chris Withers



BeStill Displays opened for business in 2009, installing our first digital display shortly thereafter on Washington Road near Augusta National. Although the company is new, the owners have been in the outdoor industry for over 75 years collectively. With those years of experience, we bring a huge reservoir of expertise and knowledge in all phases of outdoor advertising from developing to building to operating billboard companies all over the southeast.

BeStill Display’s goal is to develop a powerful presence in the Augusta/Evans area using the latest digital technology available, as well as, finding outstanding static locations to further balance our plant.

To date, we have developed 14 premier locations with 13 LED's in the highest travelled areas in the CSRA. By doing this, we feel we are providing the public with an extremely cost effective way to use this new technology that will actually stretch our customer’s advertising dollars to the fullest and create the biggest impact on the travelling public.

BeStill Displays strives to hold itself accountable in all our dealings and continue to be a truly customer-service oriented company that is dedicated to the ultimate success of our customers through the use of our product and service. We appreciate every order that comes our way and are dedicated to work hard to earn the trust of our customers going forward.